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HighWire Press, Inc.
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Los Gatos, CA 95032

Linda Treffinger

Sales Director, Business Development

Linda Treffinger joined HighWire in 2003 as Publication Manager, and moved to the Business Development team in 2012. She considers HighWire to be the perfect job: a blend of high-tech start-up and academia.

Linda had been a Stanford University employee since 1989, where she worked in the Serials and Preservation Departments of the Hoover Institution, and as the Manager of Stanford's Art & Architecture Library, and most recently as a Visual Resources Librarian in the Art Department. At that time the department was moving from traditional slide photography to an online image database for instruction. One of the challenges they faced was creating an enduring digital archive to match or surpass more traditional media.

Between positions at Stanford she joined a small start-up company, AlterEgo Networks, as their Customer Relations Manager. Their niche was reformatting websites for any device, pocket PC, Palm pilot, or phone. The company was acquired, but no fortunes were made.

Linda earned her B.A. in Philosophy at Mills College in Oakland, California.

On a personal note:
Linda fills her spare time with sailing, sailing, and occasionally sailing. She lives with Newman the cat, whose personal goal is to become a circus lion.