Abhinav Mittal

Chief Technology Officer

Abhinav Mittal is HighWire's Chief Technology Officer. He created the integrated technology strategy, the operational excellence of best-in-class site availability and scalability, and other solutions. Abhinav will continue to focus on HighWire's expansion through technical and product innovation.

Abhinav has held technology leadership roles at Silicon Valley companies like Intuit, and inPowered, bringing in perspectives from various industries. He brings in a solid culture of delighting customers by building innovative solutions using cutting-edge technology and has a track record of launching many successful products and platforms. He holds an M.S. in Engineering Management and Leadership from Santa Clara University, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

When not working or exploring technologies, Abhinav enjoys the outdoors, travelling and experiencing local life of various cultures with his family.