These are the list of products that HighWire offers.


BenchPress is HighWire's end-to-end solution for scholarly manuscript submission, editorial tracking, peer review and production tracking. Designed to integrate easily with HighWire's online publishing services, BenchPress provides publishers with the industry's highest level of workflow configuration flexibility. By centralizing your editorial and production workflows through intelligent integrations, BenchPress lowers administrative costs and dramatically reduces time to publication while providing best-in-class configurability to match the workflow your organization demands.

Impact Vizor

Understanding what is helping or hurting impact and what resonates with researchers are the most persistent challenges facing scholarly publishers. Feedback from citation monitoring tools is slow, often lagging up to three years behind publication, and it is difficult to interpret. Publishers and editors are left with very little data to rely upon when assessing the immediate needs of the research community and often must rely on anecdotes and personal intuition when making business and editorial decisions.

Open Platform

The HighWire Open Platform enables publishers to repurpose, integrate and monetize content within their HighWire hosted publications and beyond.


By harnessing the power of open source technology, the HighWire Open Platform provides societies and publishers with options and choice that allow them to adapt to meet new business goals and readership demands. They can easily connect different content types inside and across platforms and integrate with best-of–breed platform-based vertical products and services.


SAMS Sigma

SAMS Sigma builds on 12 years of continuous innovation in SAMS, the leader in access and identity management for the scholarly publishing community.

SAMS Sigma is a high-performance service built on global security standards and an innovative cloud infrastructure.

Identify customers simply and easily through single sign-on. Users only have to sign on once to access your content, on any device, anywhere. By making identification so easy, SAMS Sigma gives your end users the experience they demand.


The award-winning integrated content platform. Scolaris enables you to easily publish large, unique and diverse content sets.

Create award winning websites for large, unique and diverse content sets. Scolaris creates websites that deliver the complexity in your diverse content – without compromise.