How do I subscribe to publications?
Each publisher manages subscriptions to their titles separately. Please visit the website of the publication you are interested in, either by looking at the list of titles we host, or by checking this list of common answers. HighWire doesn't own nor sell subscriptions directly to the content hosted on our servers. We are not a subscription agency.
Can you help me find an article, or answer a research question?
HighWire hosts content and provides online access to articles, but we are not a research service. Feel free to use the tools we've created to facilitate your online searching, or contact your librarian for further assistance.
Can you post my announcements, press releases or articles?
HighWire only posts information for our publisher partners. Each publisher has its own press contacts and manuscript acceptance procedures. Feel free to direct inquires directly to a specific publisher.
Can you contact an author regarding an article for me?
Alas, no. The individual publishers are solely responsible for the content of the material hosted on the HighWire platform. Sometimes, they provide links on the article with the author's contact information. Please refer to the source material, and contact the publisher of that article for more information.
Can I link to the HighWire website?
Yes, provided you adhere to these guidelines.